Traveling to Coconut Bay in St. Lucia with Kids


A detailed and thorough review of our trip to Coconut Bay Resort in St. Lucia with our two young children. This is the perfect vacation spot if you need a little extra support with your children- they have an on site daycare, lots of kid friendly activities, and it seems well designed to support children AND parents having a good time.

Beach at Coconut Bay, St. Lucia

A detailed and thorough review of our trip to Coconut Bay Resort in St. Lucia with our two young children. This is the perfect vacation spot if you need a little extra support with your kids so you can enjoy some time with your significant other- they have an on site daycare, lots of kid friendly activities, and it seems well designed to support children AND parents having a good time.

If you don't follow my blog regularly, I occasionally like to write about traveling with our children. It's something that I enjoy and I like sharing tips and tricks for making travel easier. I try to review everything on my site very honestly- I'm not sure brands always love that, but I'll try to give you the good and the bad in a nice way so that you can decide whether or not a resort is "for you." Different people like different things so I'm sure one resort that didn't fit well for me might fit well for someone else.

As for Coconut Bay in St. Lucia, I cannot say enough good things. They are very nearly my dream hotel. I'll get into a few "dream" items that I'd love to see them add- they have a huge property so they certainly have the room for it. But I will absolutely return here because it's pretty perfect as is.

And my 2 year old is super cute when he frequently asks "Go Sent Lusa?!"

This post may contain affiliate links. Using these links helps support my blog. I received no compensation for writing this post. Thank you! 

Traveling to and from St. Lucia

Traveling to St. Lucia was pretty easy. We actually drove to Philadelphia to fly direct because there were no decent flights from Baltimore or D.C./Dulles. There are VERY few flights into St. Lucia honestly. It's a tiny airport. But getting through security was a breeze, coming and going, because there weren't a lot of other people. It was nice.

Plane coming into the airport in St. Lucia

Coconut Bay is *maybe* a 5 minute drive from the airport- and most of that drive is their driveway. I'm pretty sure that I could have walked faster if there had been a direct path- they should totally create a little driveway and use one of those white tram things that they have at the zoo and such.

Because it was so close, we got to watch the planes come and go from the pool and beach which the kids LOVED. But I got a pretty good sense of how few flights go in and out! 

Leaving St. Lucia. Ah. Okay this was where the hitch was. We got there an 1.5 hours before our flight left, as the hotel suggested. It was great to not need to be there super early (I'm talking to you Jamaica and Dominican Republic! In the DR we waited OUTSIDE in the heat and sun to get through security... the line was that long!).

It was pretty fast to get through check-in and security- again, not a ton of people. That said, at least one plane got delayed leaving and the airport was PACKED. People were standing up waiting because there was no seating left. My family was flying home to Boston and it was their flight- they had gotten there early so they had been waiting quite some time. It was hot. We were sweating like pigs. The air condition either didn't work well due to the sheer mass of people or just because it wasn't a very good system- not sure which. There wasn't anything for the kids to do... we didn't even want them to move because it was so packed so we sat them down with the iPad. I don't believe they had wifi and we were international so that was out. The windows are only in the front of the airport, where all the gates are. This means that you can't go sit at the window with the kids to watch the planes come and go- something that entertains my kids quite a bit normally. Also- again- not too many planes coming and going. Ah yes, and I sweat so bad from the heat that I had to give myself a baby wipe bath in the restroom. Haha.

Crowded airport in St. Lucia
Check out the crowd behind my Dad, Stepmom and G. Yikes.
That said, totally fine in the long run and I'm not sure this was a typical experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat because the rest of the trip and the incoming flight was so simple. Maybe I'd feel differently if I was flying into a city that had a lot of bad delays though!

Oh- and they don't have ramps to the planes. It's all those big wheeled stairways. Not a big deal, but I figured I would mention it in case anyone is petrified by them. 

The Rooms

Hotel Room: Coconut Bay ResortThe rooms were perfect. I haven't seen a better setup for the price, in terms of what is available for families. The rooms on the family side have a king size bed, and a trundle bed. Perfect for two kids. There's a thin divider that blocks the trundle bed and the king bed which is nice for the illusion of privacy- something that's nice when you put your kids to bed at 8pm and want to stay up a little longer to read, watch tv, etc. The lighting is right so that you can keep a light on by your bed without the kids fussing about it being too bright on the other side. At the same time, the divider isn't very big and you CAN see through it so you can tell if your kids are messing around at bedtime. 

The rooms are big enough that you don't feel cramped, but not *too* big. There was plenty of storage space for all four of us.

The rooms have a refrigerator which they keep stocked with your choice of items- including a bottle of champagne and beer, juice, water, and soda. No extra fees for these as it's all inclusive. They do deliver a light snack in the evenings- I thought this was overkill, but a nice touch. I felt a bit guilty because we were so stuffed from our other meals that we just didn't eat them, except on the last evening.

I'll say that the hotel was full occupancy when we went, and you would have NEVER known it. I always felt that we had plenty of room for whatever activity we choose to do. And it always seemed quiet- not sure if we got lucky with quiet neighbors, but I think the A/C might have just done an awesome job as a sound machine. 

The Pools, the Slides, and the Lazy River

The pools are great. The big pool has a beach entrance which is great for the little kids. There's a small island with a bubbler for the kids to play with. My husband and I loved that we didn't need to be holding them up in the water all of the time- which was an issue with both resorts we went to in Jamaica.
Beach entrance at the CBay Resort Pool

There's also a swim up bar with an adult and children's side. They're in the shade- which is nice for staying out of the sun, but you can move back into the sun if you get chilly.

The Lazy River is a lot of fun! My kids enjoyed this, although I think the pool held more appeal because sitting and relaxing isn't on their agenda at 2 and 4 years old.

The slides are AWESOME. One slide was closed for repairs, but it was the kind that is closed up so I was fine with that. The open sky one was open and I liked that they had lifeguards ensuring you practiced good safety, but that they weren't as strict as they are in the USA. The kids weren't allowed  to wear swimmies down the slides, but we were able to go down with them between our legs. Once my oldest was comfortable, I would go down first and then he'd go down next. I would wait for him at the bottom of the slide and catch him once he was in the water (he's not a super confident swimmer yet). SO much FUN! We went down that slide approximately a million times.

CBay Resort Slides

The Beach

The beach was emptier than I expected, although they have such a long stretch of beach that it's pretty easy to spread out. That said, the beach gets a lot of kelp due to the side of the island the resort is on. They had a tractor constantly going up and down the beach to pick up all the seaweed. The kids loved the tractor.

We didn't do much in the water because our kids are pretty young and the waves were pretty strong. I wasn't worried about walking into the water as there are some areas with a line of rock to break up the waves, but my kids got nervous in the kayak with us. I think this is one of the downfalls of this side of the island- but the BENEFIT is that the resort gets an amazing breeze that cools you down! I loved that.

My kids loved playing in the sand. We brought a few sand toys for them. We found a shady spot with some seating for us and it was very, very comfortable. And it kept the kids out of the sun so we didn't need to worry as much about sunburns.

The man running the little shed to sign out equipment was awesome. My husband wanted to snorkel and the man went out in the kayak with my husband to show him the buried plane. No joke. My husband thought that was really great. Next time we visit, I want to check it out as well.

There's snorkeling, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards to use for free.

And the view from the beach is GORGEOUS.

Gorgeous beach view in St. Lucia

The Food

The food was great. They book you for each restaurant for dinner (as appropriate) and you can adjust if you want. It seemed like they setup families with kids for earlier times, and folks not traveling with kids for the later times.

The main buffet area always had a small area setup with "kids food," although my kids ate food from many of the other areas of the buffet as well. 

The Activities

On Site

Paint ball. We didn't do it and it's something I regret. We kept talking about it and just never signed up. Whoops! We'll do it next time. I think there was some horseback riding available- also wanted to do that and never got around to it. I really want to take advantage of some of these opportunities more next time. 

Off Site

There are quite a few excursions I would have enjoyed going on, but many weren't appropriate for young kids and we were perfectly happy on site. We did go on an AWESOME boat and snorkeling trip. AWESOME. We had a big group with our family so we just paid to rent the boat for just our group- which was actually pretty reasonable. But we had 7 adults and 4 children. It was nice to have the boat to ourselves. They offered alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages on the boat, as well as a nice amount of food and snacks. 

Boat tour of St. Lucia

If we go back to St. Lucia and do some of the tours, I'll make sure to update this. 

For the Kids

As mentioned before, the resort is well setup for kids. Between the beach, the rooms, the kid friendly food, the pools, the child care, the splash pad, the pirate ship playground, and the petting zoo, it's really a great place for them.

We did naps in our room initially, but discovered that there's some nice shaded hammocks and my kiddo would fall asleep on me in one of them while I read my book. I just tried to cover him up a bit more to protect him from any sun that peeked through. It was pleasant.

Shaded hammocks at Coconut Bay

My only suggestion would be for them to add more things for children (and adults) to do indoors for rainy days or to just take a break from the sun. We liked the video game room at another resort we went to. With our kids being so young, we really tried to take lots of little mini breaks from the sun. The resort has lots of shaded areas which we utilized, but we would sometimes go back to the hotel room to put on the tv for an hour to get into some A/C and out of the sun completely.

We often went into the lobby to sit at the tables for a while. They have a couple of small sets of blocks which the kids liked. It worked, but there were sometimes a lot of people in there with the same idea. 

Petting Zoo

There isn't much to the petting zoo, but it's a cute place to visit. You can put quarters in to get feed for the animals. The horses and donkeys are often tied up to a tree on site, and I saw the goats running free through the field a few times.

My kids still talk about their animal friends.

Petting Zoo: Coconut Bay Resort in St. Lucia


Definitely the coolest resort playground I've ever seen. There's a big pirate ship, mini zipline, and lots of shade.

Coconut Bay Resort Play Ground

Child Care

The 9-5 child care option seemed under utilized. We definitely didn't use it as much as we could have, but I think they have their resort setup so well for kids that it wasn't as much of a necessity as it was at other resorts. But it's SUCH a great option for dropping the kids off to get a spa treatment, to sit at the swim up bar, or to head over to the adults-only area. The child care area has a set schedule of activities for their days that includes play time at the splash pad (which is only open certain hours)... the splash pad seems to be on specifically and exclusively for the child care kids which is a nice way to convince the kids they want to go to the child care area.

The cutest thing was that at the end of the trip, the staff and kids created a little booklet with printed photos of the different things they did at daycare. We got it at the end of the trip. Super awesome touch. .

Daycare closes at 5, but they have some activities for older kids (3+) in the evening that are there and free if you sign up.

You'll want to put together a small bag for each child with a change of clothes, a swim suit, some sunscreen, and diapers/wipes. 

For Adults Only

I can't attest too much to what the adult portion of the resort is like, but we did drop the kids off at the daycare a couple times and head over to the separate 18+ only side. It has its own pool and way cushier seating. It's quieter. There's a tiny bar setup over there. I believe many of the restaurants have adults-only times much later in the evening... and there might be an adults-only restaurant. I'm not 100% because we did have our children in the evenings.

The wedding pavilion and spa are over there, both of which are attractive, quiet buildings. I saw a couple of wedding parties. There's a few photos of the area in the video below. 

Video Tour

Booking Your Trip

If you decide to book, please give our Member #00001510 and Danielle Pientka/ as your referral source. If you book a trip with our code, we earn points towards our next vacation. Thank youuuuu because we really want to go back. Wink. 

Airlines: We strongly prefer direct flights when we travel with our kids. As such, we did a lot of searching to figure out who had direct flights and from where. I'm going to give you some ideas for what we found (for March 2016- obviously this could change). We couldn't fly direct from BWI, Dulles, or Washington-Reagan. All the flights with layovers meant 8-10+ hours in airports over the day. We opted to drive to Philadelphia the night prior and fly out in the morning via a direct flight on American Airlines. We stayed at the airport hotel (not particularly convenient so you could likely save money and stay at a different hotel).

Looking at the hotel list for the day we left, I *believe* these are some other options for direct flights. There were likely different options on different days. The way it looked when I was booking, there were direct flights some days but not others so it made the most sense for us to do exactly a week so we could fly in and out on the same day (the day with the direct flight):

  • Boston: JetBlue
  • Atlanta: Delta, Virgin Atlantic
  • NYC/JFK: Jet Blue
  • Chicago/ORD: United
  • Miami: American Airlines
  • Charlotte: American Airlines
  • Newark/EWR: United 
  • London/LGW: British Airways, Virgin Atlantic
  • St. Georges: British Airways
  • Tobago: Virgin Atlantic
  • Toronto: Air Canada

Quick Review from the Kids

I asked my kids what their favorite part of the trip was...

Godric (4): The slide, the bus from the airport, the lazy river, the boat, and the elevator. 
Kaden (2): The goats, the boat!

What to Pack

Many of these items can be purchased at the shop there, of course, but these are some things that might be nice to have in your suitcase. I'm putting together a free printable for another post on packing for international trips so that list will have a lot more on it, but these are a few things we wished we brought or were happy we'd brought. 
  • Swimmies for the kids if they need a little extra help in the pool. 
  • A clothesline or short pieces of rope for hanging wet bathing suits.
  • Small toys to play with in the sand. My kids loved having some toy monster trucks. 
  • Laundry bag and a travel container of detergent if you want to do some laundry during the trip. 
  • Sunscreen. Lots of it. Bug spray. Small first aid kit (they have a nurse, but eh... we often get "boo boos" that don't need a nurse's intervention). 

We will be back St. Lucia and Coconut Bay. We love you.

PS. Special request- indoor laser tag. I mean, because you've got paintball, a ton of property, and why not? Lol. 

Have you ever been to St. Lucia or Coconut Bay? What would your favorite activity be there?

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Coconut Bay Resort in St. Lucia for Families: A Review

OH! And I think our next family vacation may be to Italy so keep an eye out for that. It's still not 100% but I reallllllly hope it happens!

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DIY Danielle: Traveling to Coconut Bay in St. Lucia with Kids
Traveling to Coconut Bay in St. Lucia with Kids
A detailed and thorough review of our trip to Coconut Bay Resort in St. Lucia with our two young children. This is the perfect vacation spot if you need a little extra support with your children- they have an on site daycare, lots of kid friendly activities, and it seems well designed to support children AND parents having a good time.
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