Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Geotrax Storage

I've been struggling with our train table for G's Geotrax set. It's great, but I've got two complaints and we were considering doing a diy train table for the kids' Christmas gift as a result.

We ended up deciding not to after finding a couple solutions to our problem, but here's a couple links to diy train tables that are awesome:

Now on to DIY Solutions for Geotrax... 

Complaint 1: There are three sections which allows you to rearrange them. This is a really cool feature except they LOOK like they're supposed to lock together nice. They don't. I managed to come up with a solution for them using binder clips to hold them together which has been way better. Otherwise the toddler tends to knock the tables apart when he's rough. Two clips per section seems to work well. They're underneath the table so you can't see them which is great because the kids leave them alone.

Complaint 2: Storage

This is the shallow tray it comes with.
I think this is typical of all toy trains, but most of the tables don't have nearly enough storage space for the amount of train tracks you may want to have. The Geotrax table came with a shallow bin that fits under one of the tables. It puzzles me because if the bin had been deeper, it'd be perfect. Or if they had a bin per section of the table, it'd be fine too. But it's so shallow that just the tracks spill over and having train tracks everywhere drives me INSANE. I want to teach G to put things away but it's a lot easier when there's a place to put everything.

some ideas for Geotrax storageWe were considering what our options were when we realized we had these great under bed storage bins that we weren't using. One of them fits perfect and G loves to open and close it. He was really cooperative about helping clean the extra tracks up as a result. This will only work with one setup for the 3 tables, but I like the tables setup in this configuration so that is alright. We also have a twin bed in our play room that we might put it under if we want to configure the table differently.

So there you have it... a way to utilize the Geotrax setup without making a whole new train table. Like I mentioned, we LOVE the trains... my son thinks they're awesome and he's finally old enough now at 2 yr old to put them together.

The bins I used are IRIS Clear Stacks under-bed storage and the dimensions are 20"Wx39"Dx6.5"H. I don't see the exact ones on Amazon (I've had these for years), but this is a bit similar. 


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