DIY Dr. Seuss Birthday: Part V {The Party}

How to throw a great Dr. Seuss birthday party
In planning Baby G's first birthday, we decided to
rent an outdoor pavilion to celebrate with our family and friends. It's at a beautiful park in our town, on a lake. We have 5 picnic tables in a small, open building to enjoy the nice weather. Our party theme was "Dr. Seuss." I probably should have called in Cat in the Hat, but whatever. You get the idea.


  • Red and white streamers
  • Red and white tablecloths to go over the picnic tables. We taped them to the table so that they wouldn't blow away.
  • Cat in the Hat Birthday Banner
  • Red and white balloons, threaded together to hang upside down. No helium... better for the environment. I found that idea here.


  • Drinks: I saw an idea of jello with a fish in it, but I decided this would be a better look for drinks (figured the cupcakes would be enough dessert). I didn't want to force everyone to drink the same exact beverage so we just got a variety of drinks, added a Swedish Fish on a Frill Toothpick, and plopped them into the cup. I used clear cups so they'd be like a fish bowl.
  • Cupcakes: I loved this idea with the cupcakes that looked like Thing 1 and Thing 2. I decided to do this instead of a cake because it's within my skill to make them and I didn't really want to have Baby G do a full cake smash... it just seems wasteful to have all that food go to waste. I was going to make them all, but I decided to get them from the grocery bakery so I had more time to visit with family that came into town for his party. I made these labels to go on each cupcake.
  • Goldfish crackers inside a fish bowl with a fish net as a scoop. I found this idea here.
  • Hot dogs and hamburgers, buns, and an assorted of other less "themey" type foods.

Birthday Outfit

I covered how I made Baby G's birthday outfit in a few blog posts prior.

Here's a picture of him all dressed up in his romper!

Birthday Memories
  • Baby Book: I brought Baby G's baby book for the party. I took an envelope and some slips of paper, glueing the envelope to the 1st Birthday page in the baby book. I made a small sign to let people know that they can write their favorite memories, thoughts, advice, etc for Baby G on the slip of paper to put it in the envelope. 
Eco Friendly

One of my concerns was having an eco friendly, yet affordable party. I hate lots of garbage. I knew I wouldn't likely to be able to solve the problem completely, but cutting down on the amount of garbage was important to me. I don't mind a little extra work, like laundry or dishes.

I decided to try a few small things to cut down on waste:
  • Happy Birthday Banner: I made this out of cloth so it could be reusable.
  • Filling balloons without the use of helium
  • Sticking with finger foods. For cooking and dispersing, we brought big spoons from home.
  • Invitations: We used evite for our invitations, instead of sending out invitations.
  • Thank You Cards: We would've liked to go green with these, but alas... I feel like handwritten thank you cards are important. As an alternative to a card that people would just throw away, we decided to print one big picture of Baby G on card stock and leave the back blank to write a thank you note.
Thank You Card Front

Dr. Seuss Party Links

Here's a link to someone's list of other links with Dr. Seuss birthday ideas.

Mommy loves you Baby G! Happy 1st Birthday!

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  1. The party looks amazing! I hope you were able to enjoy it after all the work you did. :-) It's great to see pictures of you both!