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DIY Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants in Pink and Purple CamoI bought an amazing pair of yoga pants from the thrift store... they fit so beautifully and I just needed another pair.  I also found this great stretchy fabric so I decided to try to make my own yoga pants just like it, using this tutorial.

I used the tutorial very closely so I won't be posting pictures of the whole process or instructions.

Tracing my pants... I just used my rotary cutter to cut around it, leaving a seam allowance. Make sure you add extra seam allowance for the bottom of your pants if you're doing PANTS instead of shorts... otherwise you won't have enough left to make a hem. Not that I did that. 
In the process of sewing it all together. It was pretty easy to make, although I was nervous about using the right seam allowances, seeing I was making the pattern off my current pants, not a real pattern.

Final Product

Danielle Pientka

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  1. I think these turned out awesome! Thanks for posting this. Peace! :)