December 17, 2014

Balloon Covers are AWESOME!

This is a clever way to cover balloons so your young children can more safely play with them.
I saw a tutorial for these balloon covers recently and was absolutely IN LOVE. My 1 year old LOVES balloons and it breaks my heart to take them away because I'm petrified he will hurt himself by being crazy and biting it or something. He loves anything that's a ball, but obviously balloons have a special appeal because they're light and bounce.

So I decided to give the tutorial a try and I'm so glad I did. These were very quick to make and realllllly easy to figure out.

In the future this will be one of my favorite go-to gifts for a first birthday party. It doesn't take up tons of fabric, but it looks GORGEOUS and it's such a fun toy. Balloons are easy to keep on hand to fill these with.

They're very soft and light and fun to bounce around. My sons LOVED them... I was trying to blow them up and he was reaching for it all "eh eh eh eh!" and crying when I couldn't immediately hand it over. He was so thrilled.

Right now, my only problem is that I don't like the hole... I think I could hand sew it closed carefully after putting the balloon in, but I think the better alternative would be to put a large button hole somewhere on the balloon to feed the empty balloon through then blow up. Just a thought for future attempts.

Below I've got some pictures of what mine look like on the outside and inside while empty.
Then the bottom right picture shows how I blew up my balloon once I inserted it through the hole in the balloon cover.

I'd love to see all your balloon covers so please leave a comment and link your projects!

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December 15, 2014

Leftover Pork Roll Ups

I had a lot of leftover pork that I wanted to eat, but I was getting tired of eating it plain. Boring. I decided to try out some pork roll ups as an alternative because everything tastes better on crescent rolls, right?

December 12, 2014

An inside look at how a sewing machine works!

I was having some issues with my sewing machine so my husband took a video... check it out to see what your sewing machine looks like on the inside.Obviously this month has been a month for taking stuff apart... first the dryer, now my sewing machine. I have a Brother XR 65 and this thing is a serious trooper. Very few issues with the machine and I've had it since 2006 or so (granted I only have been using it solid for the past four years). It's never been serviced, beyond me personally cleaning dust out. It wasn't an expensive machine so I really don't want to spend a ton of money on bringing it to be serviced.

December 10, 2014

Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt

I finally made a Christmas tree skirt! I've been using this cheap hand-me-down since forever and it's hideous so I was so excited to put that into the Freecycle pile and make a new skirt with the fabric I'd found at the local fabric yard sale that happens a couple times a year. I also used this same fabric to make some fabric Christmas gift bags- my FAVORITE thing to have around for easy wrapping!

December 8, 2014

Dryer Lint Trap: Cleaning

I dropped something metal into the lint trap- oiy- and desperately tried to get it out at 11pm while also desperately trying not to wake up my sons who were asleep. I tried a wire hanger down into the lint trap to no avail- although I did clean out quite a bit of lint so that tells me a full cleaning is necessary. Alas... I had to take apart my dryer. Which is a pain in the tush, but apparently possible. So I decided to hold off until the next day and I set out all my wet clothes to air dry (ugh).

December 6, 2014

Current Blog Issues

Apologies, but some of the links on my navigation bar will be inactive and really make no sense for a day or two potentially while I try to fix this template. I had to change the old templates a couple times.

December 4, 2014

Solar Power: Engage

If you've been following our solar power journey, we finally got our solar panels on! I am SO EXCITED. My husband and I compulsively check our energy production and I'm really looking forward to seeing what our electric bill will look like next month.

The waiting time from inspection to electric company approval for us was "up to 15 business days" which went by very slow it seems, but the electric company ended up coming out around 13 business days in to finally give us approval (or that's when they sent the email to let me know we were good to go). I do wish this part had been faster. Regardless, it's so exciting to see our energy production, even though it's been gloomy out recently so I imagine I'll REALLY get excited once the weather gets nicer... soooo sooooo long from now. Haha. I shouldn't complain, it was 68*F the other day, despite being dark out! I just miss the sunshine so much when it's gone.