Monday, September 1, 2014

Basic DIY on how to use Blogger

I'm putting these videos together for my former coworker who I setup a blog for. I wanted to repost them here in case anyone else finds them helpful.

What I did for her was just setup a basic blog and website for her therapy company, as I did for two other therapy companies that I'm connected with. Nothing fancy, but Blogger is easy to use so it's perfect for easy updates if you're not fluent in xHTML and CSS, etc.

Video 1: How to enter or edit a blog post

Video 2: How to enter or edit a blog page

Video 3: How to write a blog post via Blogger on the iPhone

Hope this was helpful to someone. Thanks for following!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Combined Birthday Party

Ideas for combining your children's birthday parties.This year I've been struggling with what to do for birthday parties now that we've got two children. I like going big because it's fun to plan, but planning two parties at the same time of year isn't super appealing. I also realize that K is only going to be one year old and there's not a whole lot he'll appreciate at this point. But I did cool parties for G at one year (Dr. Seuss) and two years (Elmo)

I think what I've concluded, despite my concerns about fairness, is that I'd like to have one big party instead of two separate ones. K was born late October, G was born in late September so I will pick a day somewhere in between. I will do cake and ice cream, as well as a small present on their special day with just our immediate family.

The benefits to this:
  • Long distance family will be able to fly or drive in for one date, rather than two.
  • Friends won't be overwhelmed with two separate parties to attend (if you add up all the kids in play groups, it gets to be a bit much). 
  • Cost of party is shared for both kids, rather than doubling cost to have two different parties.
  • One time cleanup and prep.
  • Shared gifts. I'll talk more of this later.
I'm also going to stick with a smaller party this year. G got really overwhelmed at his last party and ended up not playing with anyone. A few close friends for each child, or in this case a few friends seeing K doesn't have preferences yet. 

Shared Gift:

And I'm going to ask people to bring only one gift for both kids, if they want to bring one.  Is that weird? We plan to give the boys a big shared gift, and then they'll each get a small gift on their actual birthday and we'll do a small cake and celebration.

It's just gotten to the point where they play together a lot and they want to play with each other's stuff. K rarely plays with his own "younger" toys because he wants what his brother has. His brother wants to play with whatever K has. I've found I prefer for them to play with larger items that they can share... ie. toy kitchen. It also will keep party from getting ridiculous and kids from getting too spoiled... although that ship may have sailed at this point as our playroom looks like the one from Race to Witch Mountain (I think they had a cool playroom in Annie too?). And it'll be good for them to share. 

Birthday Card Alternative: I really am struggling with cards... I want to keep them, but it's really an unreasonable amount of paper to keep around and I don't envision my kids looking back and lovingly reading over all their cards. So far we've acrued a ridiculous amount of cards and I feel bad tossing them. And I feel bad killing four million trees. It's really out of control... my mom is a major culprit here because she sends the kids two cards each for every holiday. Out. Of. Control. I would like to save the environment here.

So I've got an idea and I hope it works.

I'm going to buy a big picture frame and mat, and let people sign the mat. I'll frame a picture of them from the party to add to the frame. Done. And I'll have a great picture for us to all enjoy for each year of their lives. And best part, they are both in the picture. #palsforever

As we go through planning process I'll post more! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Toddler Floor Pillow, Take 2

Video tutorial showing how I made this fun Frozen floor pillow as a birthday gift for a 3 year old.
I made a toddler floor pillow for my son way back, but I had a birthday party that I needed to make a gift for and I decided to do another floor pillow in a different way for her. I really like how it turned out. I added ribbon for decoration, her name embroidered, and a pocket. It went over pretty well! Wish is gotten better pictures, but it was a gloomy day and I forgot to take better pictures before the party.

You'll need the following items (links are affiliate links and purchasing from them helps support my blog, thank you!):

Video Tutorial